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The Llanerch Diner is located at 95 East Township Line Route (Route 1) in Upper Darby, Pennsylvania, right near the junction with Route 3, West Chester Pike.

llanerchdiner038For over 50 years the Llanerch Diner (pronounced Lan-ark) has been the best place in the Philadelphia area to get a hot cup of coffee, a plate of crispy fries or a fullblown diner breakfast with eggs, pancakes, bacon – the works. The Llanerch is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and is everything you would expect of a classic American diner with delicious food and a friendly staff. Whether you are looking for a quick burger at lunch, pancakes at three in the morning or a cup of coffee with a slice of pie at any time of day or night, you’ll find it at the Llanerch.

What's a diner? It's many things to many people, but the strict definition describes a prefabricated structure with counter service hauled out to a remote location. At one time, you could go and buy a diner restaurant in much the same way you could buy a car, but the real appeal of this great American institution comes from the good food, the friendly staff, and the fair prices. 

The unusual "plate-glass" style of our diner comes from the Swingle Diner company, one of New Jersey's premier builders responsible for hundreds of units across the Northeast, and is the third diner on this location. According to the book Diners of Pennsylvania, our diner was built in 1968, "as an alternative to the then-fading stainless steel designs." It's the only of its kind in Pennsylvania — if not the country!